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Unrivaled Expertise
Unrivaled ExpertiseOur team of technical experts simplifies sophisticated processes to create bespoke revenue management solutions for your hotel. Whether you're a boutique property or an expansive resort, we're here to help you optimize your revenue streams
Performance-Based Pricing
Performance-Based PricingAt FavUltimate, we're confident in our ability to deliver results. That's why we charge a percentage of the revenue generated by our management. This means our success is directly tied to yours, creating a win-win partnership.
Extensive Global Distribution 
Extensive Global Distribution With over 125,000 travel agencies in our portfolio and a strong presence in China, our global distribution network ensures your hotel's visibility to potential guests from all corners of the world.
Comprehensive Reporting
Comprehensive ReportingOur detailed and insightful reporting provides you with an in-depth understanding of your hotel's revenue performance. With clear visualizations and actionable insights, you can make informed decisions that drive revenue growth and enhance your hotel's profitability
Personalized Attention
Personalized AttentionTo ensure personalized attention, our consultants manage no more than 20 properties at a time. This allows us to understand the unique needs of your hotel and provide tailored revenue management solutions that deliver remarkable results.
Transparent Partnership
Transparent PartnershipAt FavUltimate, we value open and honest relationships. We believe that the configurations we develop for your hotel should belong to you, even after our contract ends. This transparent approach allows you to maintain control over your hotel's revenue management.
What Our Clients have to Say
“The communication and coordination are wonderful, fast, helpful, and advisable. There is a specific communication channel between the hotel and FavStay, which is an excellent partner system since we can manage our hotel’s inspection as before. They do not monopolize the hotel's rights, including giving advice on pricing structure and promotion as required by our hotel.”
The owner of a 3-star hotel in Pattaya

“Overall management is superior. We like that FavStay has added more OTA channels as well as distributed the market share across different websites compared to before, when we only reached a few channels. Since joining FavStay, our bookings are full even on weekdays, and lengths of stay are longer, e.g., more than 7 nights. Moreover, FavStay has also helped increase the hotel's revenue.”
The hotel manager of a 3-star hotel in Bangkok

“Previously, the hotel only reached 2 main OTA channels; now, Favstay makes every OTA channel have a more equal proportion of sales and price (rate disparity). They also improve the ranking and visibility of the hotel. That makes the hotel reach a wider market than ever before.”
The owner of a 3-star hotel in Pattaya

“We can contact Favstay's revenue team easily. They coordinate with us efficiently and rapidly, as well as give suitable advice right away. That makes the occupancy during the weekdays higher. They help us monitor the rate very well and increase the opportunity to generate more income for our hotel.”
The owner of a 3-star hotel in Pattaya


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